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Duser is one of those raw and rare artists that inspires people from all walks of life, to love and appreciate art. 

Once his paintings were hung on our drab, lifeless walls, our office was transformed into a gallery, jungle, underwater scene…

He set the bar high for future artists to show in our Oakland office and we cannot wait to have him back again.

“Rikki Gates, Gensler”

"How do you extract life/energy/creativity out of a sterile corporate work environment? Add the power of Duser art. These life-size creations evoke emotions & ideas that help foster the 'out-of-the-box' thinking required in the Tech space. Duser worked with our Art & Facilities Team to carefully select the right pieces for Google- fun, colorful, bold, iconic. He's a fantastic partner & we'd welcome him back again!"

"Matthew Dolan, Google"